A true soldier has ascended to the shores yonder!

15 August 2020
Author  Sibeta Mundia, Barotseland Post


Go well Barotse soldier! Za maya hande, Ndwalume ya Bulozi!

While among us, you fought for what you believed was right for Barotseland.

You fought to the very end, giving everything, including your very life!

You chose the high road when many would have opted for compromise with Barotseland's oppressor!

When given the choice to deny your involvement in the peaceful struggle for Barotseland before the oppressor’s unjust courts to save your own life, you boldly declared you are a Linyugandambo through and through!

As such, you became the oppressor’s prisoner for years. A political prisoner! Indeed, a prisoner of conscience!

You preferred life in their deplorable prisons to the mental prison of self-betrayal had you chosen to deny the Barotse peaceful struggle.

Go well brave soldier, but rest assured that the justice you fought for will come one day!

Barotseland must receive justice one day, hopefully, sooner rather than later!

We assure you and all others who have gone ahead of us, that one day you will see from the shores yonder, a truly self-determined Barotseland!

Your life sacrifice has taught us what it means to be a true Linyungandambo, a ndwalume ya Bulozi, who shakes his neighbours with immutable truth!

Your death must now renew all of our commitment to the peaceful struggle for a free Barotseland!

You are now Barotseland’s Ambassador to the shores yonder!

A true ndumeleti ya Bulozi who has ascended to the shores yonder after an illustrious life as a freedom fighter!

To us, you have not demised but merely ascended to higher ground, a vantage point from where you will continue to cheer us on!

Rest in eternal peace, and may your family and loved ones find solace in the arms of the Lord God Almighty.


Your compatriots in the peaceful struggle for Barotseland!

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