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BAROTSE CHANGE: A Tribute to Barotseland our Country for 2020 New Year!

22 December 2019
Author  Lindunda Wamunyima, Barotse Change Archives



It is that time of the year once again when Barotzis’ relationships are characterised by messages aglow with festive season homesickness and goodwill. As a citizen of the lovely country of Barotseland receive our heartfelt seasonal greetings and great hope being conveyed to all Barotzis at home and in the diaspora. Better days are coming to characterise our Christmas and New Year celebrations with the integrity befitting us as first-class citizens in our own country. At Barotse Change we love you all and may the good Lord keep protecting and guiding you despite all the dark clouds of negativity and hatred that have been hovering upon our land for so long. Surely 2019 will go down history’s memory lane for what it has been to each one of us as individuals or Barotse nation. Both the good and bad times will be remembered for the vital lessons taught us. Among all the experiences so far encountered is the announced Barotse Dialogue Council (BDC) 2019. Therefore, spare some time to reflect on the subject matter with us, ahead of 2020. Unfortunately, we will never stop writing as long as there are current affairs that invoke our responses. The Barotse Dialogue Council 2019 is one such topic.


Looking at the Objective of BDC 2019 we quote, “To establish a fulltime institution mandated as the vehicle that shall aid the Barotse Royal Establishment in its engagement with the government of the Republic of Zambia in the reclamation of Barotseland Autonomy or Semi – autonomy to manage the Barotse Local Government”, end of quote. One notes with grief that this is a mutation of the intent of the 2012 BNC which ended up mandating Barotseland Transitional Government (BTG) to do the rest in entrenching Barotseland’s autonomy herein repeated in the BDC 2019 Objective – “in its engagement with the government of the Republic of Zambia in the reclamation of Barotseland Autonomy”.Ironically, by this statement BREimplies that the 2012 BNC could not achieve what has already been achieved through the proclamation of 2012 BNC UDI - BAREXIT Phase 1! Our parents forget or ignore the fact that UDI is never begged neither dialogued for, with the colonizer! But then one wonders how the BDC can be tasked to achieve the same cause when it is a lower body to the BNC! The 2012 BNC constituted our Internal Dialogue already; just as it happened before the signing of the famous BA ’64 then. Our elders know very well the immensity of the 2012 BNC Resolutions failure to which they should have, at best, relinquished their post for failing our country.

WHAT BAROTSELAND IS SEEKING NOW IN THE TRANSITION PERIOD IS A FULLY CONSTITUTED BTG AND OUTRIGHTSETTLEMENT OF SEPARATION MARKED BY COMPLETEDEPARTURE AND DISINTERESTED WITHDRAWAL OF ALL ZAMBIA’S ADMINISTRATION PERSONNEL AND OFFICES FROM BAROTSELAND, AS BAREXIT PHASE 2. Then the Political Dialogue between Barotseland and “Zambia” becomes necessary only for purposes of discussion of political beliefs and positions between Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia (Zambia), over Barotseland’s sovereign statehood status quo, to resolve the impasse, with a view to reaching an amicable, complete and satiated settlement of the disengagement. It includes reparations, repatriation of resources and other related issues. This does not entail the littering of our country with all Zambian personnel, military hardware and persware of all kinds before the envisioned disengagement and dialogue! Then how do you even expect genuine political dialogue in the face of such a charged environment?

With due respect to all parties concerned, all these are further misdirected activities and wrong headlines again in our beautiful Land, at least from Barotse Change point of view, just like Barotse Negotiating Team (BNT) during the time of Ngambela Nyambe Mwenda. We have argued here before that THERE IS SEPARATION ALREADY between Barotseland and Zambia as BAREXIT Phase 1 commissioned by the action of our famous 2012 BNC; the highest POLICY MAKING BODY in Barotseland. This means that the decisions passed by subsidiary structures not limited to the following, cannot be used to veto the 2012 BNC Resolutions.

A. Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE),

B. Barotse Negotiating Team (BNT),

C. Barotse Privy Council (BPV) and,

D. Barotse Dialogue Council (BDC).

There is a serious problem to correct when our leaders make a habit of failing to follow up resolutions conclusively. Otherwise, how can we be sure that, this time around, the same leaders like Zambia, who after defaulting the BA ’64 Treaty, having refused to accede the higher body BNC decisions dubbed as 2012 BNC UDI will honour the new intended and lower order BDC2019Resolutions? Remember that the 2012 BNC was duly called and well attended by elite dignitaries from within and without Barotseland. Consequent to the 2012 BNC action Barotseland became an independent sovereign state and nation such that separation NOW REMAINS AN IRREFUTABLE AND IRREPARABLE BREACH! Furthermore, it is the same displayed hostile high order compromise and continued political co-habitation with Zambia, without any legal endorsement locally or internationally, that has occasioned the Complete Disengagement seven (7) years behind schedule and an urgent priority now. What is clear is that 2012 BNC is above the Privy Council (BPC), BRE, BNT and now BDC. It is just the same mentality you find in Zambia where the rulings of parliament and Constitutional court are easily overturned by an individual with all the impunity! Barotseland has never been and will not soon be an Absolute Monarchy! After all, “there is no Barotseland in Zambia” or Zambia in Barotseland – mentality inclusive!

From the world of political academia, it is understood that the 2012 Barotseland National Council was threefold; RESTORATIVE, REVOLUTIONARY and TRANSFORMATIVE in nature. That is,

1. RESTORATIVE 2012 BNC; because the undertaking has already reverted Barotseland to her autonomy status quo as was prior to the attempted Zambianship. The process could never be a one-day event of 27th March 2012 but would last the whole transition period fully characterised by Barotseland Transitional Government (BTG) program of action. Among other imperatives, this component carries with it the element of political dialogue, only for complete disengagement of Barotseland from Zambia and not an illegal, retrogressive restoration of a non-ratified and now-defunct BA ’64 or reintegration into a hoax Zambianship.

2. REVOLUTIONARY 2012 BNC; because ultimately it technically and legally declared Barotseland’s abhorrence against the dubious political cohabitation with Zambia. Additionally, Barotselandinstituted her formal acceptance of Zambia’s abrogation of BA ’64 Treaty; after the 43 futile years. What more evidence do we need to convince all odds and qualify the bid for the restoration of a dead treaty that never entered into force? Though our revolutionary stance looks rebellious and anomalous to some it has been the best move for Barotseland to redeem herself from the ever haunting omens of our political predicament in the project called Zambia.

3. TRANSFORMATIVE 2012 BNC; because the Barotse National Government (BNG), degraded to Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE), was transmuted to the duality of Royal arm and Civil arm power-sharing system henceforth to be known as constitutional Royal Barotseland Government (RBG). This means Absolute Monarchy is not an option for Barotseland. This will position Barotseland among the best of best governance systems out of the incompatible power combo of Monarchy versus Republic.

Furthermore, looking at the BDC 2019 objective, we find that BRE presents the Barotse nation with a diabolic coin to toss offering two (2) RESTORATION ALTERNATIVES when actually dialogue results will be engineered or doctored in favour of option 1 below. It requires honesty, patriotic, nationalistic and courageous leadership to see no need of coming up with the highly compromised BDC because among other reasons it is just procrastination ploy by the enemy of Barotseland and sheer electioneering manoeuvre in preparation for Zambia’s 2012 general election around the corner. The BDC 2019 alternatives are as follows:

1. Restoration of the defunct BA ’64 Treaty. The illegal; non –2012 BNC option that BRE wants, as quoted “or Semi – autonomy to manage the Barotse Local Government”. Evidently, this option is very complicated and costly to do for both countries. Additionally, it just beats logic for anyone to scheme to restore what was never ratified in the first place and now completely annulled by both states parties; Zambia (1969) and Barotseland (2012) beyond redemption.

2. RESTORATION OF BAROTSELAND’S SOVEREIGNTY. The only viable and plausible option consistent with the 2012 BNC Resolutions and UDI Mandate. This we must support at all cost until it is completely done because besides being the only workable option great price in form of both sweats (litigations, arrests, maimings, etc.) and blood already spilt, has been paid. The 2012 Barotseland UDI and International Law

The unilateral declaration of independence is acronymed UDI. According to Wikipedia a UDI is a formal process leading to the establishment of a new state by a subnational entity which declares itself independent and sovereign without a formal agreement with the state from which it is seceding. The term was first used when Southern Rhodesia declared independence in 1965 from the United Kingdom (UK) without an agreement with the UK.

According to International Law of the UDI In Respect of Kosovo, the first-ever case regarding a unilateral declaration of independence to be presented before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) by the UN General Assembly the court delivered its advisory opinion on 22 July 2010 declared that Kosovo’s adoption of the UDI of the 17th February 2008 (four years before 2012 BNC UDI)did not violate general international law because international law contains no prohibition on declarations of independence. Additionally, the proclaimed UDI did not violate UN Security Council Resolution 1244. This is like Barotseland’scase. Thus the Barotseland’s UDI adopted on 27th March 2012 in a meeting of the BNC is very legal. Evidently, all bigheartedBarotzis have nothing to be cowardly or apologetic about it, except those who may be concealing selfish motives of various types.


Let all Barotzis continue planning and working for complete independence of our Land (BAREXIT Phase 2)as a 2020 New Year special gift, pledging to do so with first-time zeal and vigour. As we engage in the yearly exercise of introspection and New Year resolutions remember to put Barotseland as number one -to - do on the list. Indeed, the New Year is overloaded with more undertakings for us all, at all levels of our society Bulozi. Unfortunately, the BDC 2019 is already hovering and establishing to be one of the vexing undertakings ahead of us, come 2020!


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