BAROTSE CHANGE: The Sophistries of the Prince of Persia must now let go!

24 January 2019
Author  Lindunda Wamunyima, Barotseland Post
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All Zambians know that Zambia is a proclaimed Christian nation and I quote: “ACKNOWLEDGE the supremacy of God Almighty; DECLARE the Republic a Christian Nation while upholding a person’s right to freedom of conscience, belief or religion” [Constitution of Zambia]. It is well over fifteen (15) years ago since the constitutional proclamation and over ten (10) years before the famous 2012 BNC Resolutions and UDI Mandate imperatives for Barotseland. However, looking at the behaviour displayed by Zambia at Barotzis so far it leaves much to be desired and does not affirm the self-acclaimed Christian status. The same Bible read in Zambian churches states in Mathew 22:39 “…. Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” The great paradox is that before we became neighbouring countries in 2012 we were still neighbours in the Rhodesian British Imperial territory that climaxed into a unitary territory called ‘Zambia’. We have always been neighbours, captivity or no captivity, colonialism or no colonialism, Zambianisation or Zambianism; but just how could the Christians all of the sudden have the audacity to commit all kinds of vile crimes and sins against their neighbours (Barotzis) and yet remain mute! In fact, the list of wrongs committed against Lozis is quite long antedating Zambia’s proclaimed Christianhood from as far back as 1969, just for claiming what is rightfully ours! One only wonders if at all Zambia understands the full import of proclaiming herself a Christian nation in the eyes of God; there are great blessings and serious curses to reap accordingly. If this is not hypocrisy then I wonder what else it is!

This Christian perspective approach herein is preferred because both Zambians and Barotzis are inclined to the religion of the Bible. Therefore, most readers should easily cognize the gist of this article.


The setting is the Holy Writ record found in Daniel 10:13 “But the Prince of the Kingdom of Persia was withstanding me for twenty-one days; then behold, “Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I had been left there with the Kings of Persia”.The question is why this scenario?

The historical narrative records that the nation of Israel would be in Babylonian captivity for seventy (70) years, by divine sanction, and afterwards return to their home country; from the land of bondage. See Jeremiah 29: 1-12 among other texts for more insights. Their liberation from their captor Babylon, to rebuild their ruined homeland, would be marked by a tripartite decree as recorded in Ezra 6:14, “…. And they built, and finished it, according to the commandment of the God of Israel, and according to the commandment of Cyrus, and Darius, and Artaxerxes king of Persia.” Biblical history informs us that each of the three Kings of Persia had a part to play to complete the LIBERATION DECREEof the Israelites and DISENGAGEMENT with them, in the order of their reign.

However, it was not as easy as it is recorded here, especially for King Cyrus, hence the picture we find in Daniel 10:13 quoted above. To begin with,

1. DANIEL declared a personal fast for his Nation lasting twenty-one (21) days, seeking understanding from God regarding the circumstances surrounding the exact expiry of the prophesied seventy (70) years of servitude to Babylon before his nation could be liberated. You may want to know that equally in Barotseland there have been prayer warriors and prayer bands praying for the complete independence of our country from Zambia.

2. In the meantime, the chief angel GABRIEL, trying to impress the King (Cyrus) to sign the disengagement decree for Israel’s liberation had a tough time being resisted or withstood by Cyrus, why? Like Pharaoh of Egypt, the Kings of Persia craved for the captives’ services more than life without them, when liberated. Equally, Zambia has been refusing to accept the reality of Barotse Change and live a Zambian life devoid of Barotzis!

3. The PRINCE OF PERSIA(Satan – behind scenes) apparently had more lucrative impressions on King Cyrus hence the King’swithholding or contending not to sign, according to God’s will and prophecy.

4. Ultimately, MICHAEL (Jesus Christ) had to prevail on the scene, on behalf of Daniel and Gabriel, to impress Cyrus to sign the DISENGAGEMENT and LIBERATION DECREEfor Israel. This too is very much alive and imminent in Barotseland’s case against her captor Zambia.

5. And in as much as there were three kings (Cyrus, and Darius, and Artaxerxes king of Persia) to effect the disengagement and Liberation decree then so the much awaited Genuine Political Dialogue between Zambia and Barotseland requires the constitutive Tripartite Team (Britain, Zambia and Barotseland) as it was from the beginning, to finally amicably ratify the complete DISENGAGEMENT and LIBERATION DECREE for Barotseland that already exist by virtue of our 2012 BNC Resolutions and UDI Mandate.


Looking at all this undoubtedly brings to picture the predicament surrounding Barotseland –Zambia political saga and stalemate. The Prince of Zambia seems to be busy, withstanding the President of Zambia to deal with Barotseland’s complete independence decisively consistent with divine will and UN’s Bill of Rights. The media is rife with stories about this dilemma; when the Presidents of Zambia travelled out to countries alive to Barotseland’s cause like AU summit in Ethiopia, USA Washington DC, RSA Pretoria and Rome Vatican for instance, good advice to release Barotseland would be given. Unfortunately, coming back home the Prince of Zambia would always withstand with the President to make him relapse into the former state of cognition of resistance to Barotse Change. In recent media reports, we read barophobic utterances from Zambian leaders that “Western Province will remain part of Zambia”! and “I will not want to be remembered as the President who divided the country”!First of all, it is true that Western Province will remain part of Zambia because it is not Barotseland and only exists in Zambian Libraries. Secondly, Zambia was never really unitary because the BA’64 was never accepted and ratified in Zambian Parliament at any moment but was instead unilaterally abrogated in 1969 and ultimately nullified in 2012 beyond prohibition and restoration.


Some of the additional lessons to learn from this and other similar stories in the Bible are:

1. Covenant signing or denunciation is neither sin or unchristian because the Bible is full of narratives about covenants and/or treaties. So, the signing of the BA’64 was not a sin, but the way it was nullified by Zambia unilaterally! The Bible forbids the making of vows that are not fulfilled like the way Kenneth Kaunda did.

2. Barotseland was not to be annexed or swallowed up, as it were, but liberated by Zambia at the fullness of time, and that fullness of time is now. It will be quite regretful for Zambia to wait until Michael steps in and do what Northern Rhodesia could freely, honestly and logically do for Barotseland in resolving the half a century old political dispute.

3. Both Christians and politicians should condemn social ills when they occur. Unfortunately, in Barotseland’s case, the professed church of God has been mute over the evils Zambia has been committing against Barotseland. Perhaps the time is ripe for the Church of Barotseland to mobilise people for mass prayers and other needful activities the Christians of Barotseland can do toward Barotse Change and entrenchment of the complete independence of their country,

The Prince of the Presidents of Zambia must forever be silenced soon! His insinuations over the Presidents of Zambia against Barotseland should no longer stand against the tide of Barotse Change anymore! This is very true because when Michael stands up for Barotseland ………….

1. The impossible becomes possible; when the extremities of Barotzis become Michael’s opportunities to glorify Himself! We saw it during the hosting of the much craved for and crucial 2012 BNC.

2. The sophistries of the Prince of Zambia become a vantage ground for God’s weaklings to gain incremental victory. It is true the Biblical counsel recorded in Romans 8:28 that God (Michael) can use any life situation, whether good or bad from the human perspective, to fight in defence for Barotseland – we have seen it so far!

3. Ultimately, the Prince of Zambia can only keep quiet in wonderment upon seeing the vanity of all his sophistries come to nought because Barotseland is surely destined to be our glory land more than before!



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