Desperate PF now plots to use the Litunga, BRE to compel Barotse UPND MPs to vote for the controversial Bill 10 – Exposé

22 December 2019
CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE - Ngambela Mwenda instructs Barotse MPs not to subordinate Barotse Dialogue Council interests to those of their Political Parties


A scheme is brewing in which Zambia’s ruling Patriotic Front (PF), desperate to remain in power after 2021, now wishes to use the Litunga, King of Barotseland, and the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) to compel UPND parliamentarians who hail from the Barotse region to vote for the controversial Bill 10 against their party caucus.

All this is on the pretext that the disgraced Bill 10 will facilitate for the restoration of the defunct 1964 Barotseland Agreement through the soon to be convened Barotse Dialogue Council

The disgraced Zambian Constitution Amendment Bill of 2019 (Bill 10) does not have the required two-thirds parliamentary majority support because the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) plans to vote as a caucus and reject it so that, together with their National Democratic Congress (NDC) counterparts and some Independent Parliamentarians, they would render the government Bill dead on its arrival.

However, should a handful of UPND members break away from the UPND party line, the bad bill can pass through to the Second Reading parliamentary stage with the required two-thirds majority vote.

It is this possibility, therefore, that has prompted the PF, through the Presidency, to trick the Litunga and BRE to immediately constitute the so-called Barotse Dialogue Council which will purportedly dialogue with the Zambian government on the stalemate over Barotseland and resolve all outstanding matters concerning the defunct Barotseland Agreement 1964.

While the Litunga and BRE are excited at the renewed Zambian State willingness to dialogue over the defunct Barotseland Agreement 1964, they are, however, not aware that the PF led Zambian Government merely wishes to use them as pawns in their (PF) battle for survival in the 2021 elections which the party fears it cannot win unless the current constitution amendment process succeeds to give the unpopular PF presidential candidate, with the anticipated minority national vote, the mandate to negotiate with another losing candidate into presidency through the proposed Coalition Clause in Bill 10.

In this plot, the Barotse Dialogue Council constituted on the agenda of restoring the defunct 1964 agreement, must compel at least ten Barotse UPND members of parliament who hail from the region to vote for the disgraced Bill 10 as will be mandated by the council in direct contravention of their UPND party caucus.

Consequently, in the Dialogue Council strict guidelines signed by the Ngambela (Barotseland’s Prime Minister) and obtained by the Barotseland Post, all the ten Barotse Parliamentarians are compelled by the rules of the Council to put Council interests above those of their political parties.

"By this strict condition, the MPs are directed to vote for Bill 10 as shall be mandated by the Dialogue Council rather than vote against it as planned by the UPND caucus, and this is where the plot seeks to draw its success from!"

The BRE and the Litunga have been tricked to believe that the only way the defunct agreement of 1964 can be restored is if Bill 10 can proceed to Second Reading in parliament, at which stage the restoration of the defunct 1964 Barotseland Agreement will be inserted in the Bill before it is passed into law, purportedly because inserting it prior, will risk the amendment bill being rejected by the two - thirds majority requirement.

At the Second Reading parliamentary stage, a simple majority vote would allow any clause inserted in the bill to pass into Law because the PF party alone already has the inherent simple majority in number.

The truth, however, is that the PF wishes to only use the King’s authority over his subjects, the Barotse MPs, to gain the critical extra vote to pass the disgraced Bill 10 with the two-thirds majority, after which the PF would then sneak into the Bill any other clause they wish to as they did with the 2015 Constitution Amendment Bill which gave rise to multiple lacunae in the current 2016 constitution.

After the PF would have achieved their selfish goal, the Barotseland Agreement 1964 restoration agenda will be suspended until after the 2021 elections on the pretext that the restoration manoeuvres would be misconstrued to be an electioneering gesture or another reasonable excuse will be given for why the Barotseland Agreement restoration agenda wouldn't proceed at that time.

This is how the Litunga, BRE, Barotse UPND MPs and the people of Barotseland would be duped, used and then dumped in this very subtle PF scheme.

Therefore, if the BRE want to protect the proposed dialogue process, they must insist that the dialogue commences only after the anticipated February vote on Bill 10 next year.

Due to the critical lack of two-thirds parliamentary majority numbers, the PF deferred the vote on the infamous Bill 10 to February next year when parliament resumes, hoping that by then, they would have recruited a substantial number of Barotse UPND members of parliament to vote with the PF on the understanding that they will be voting in the interest of the Barotse Dialogue Council for the restoration of defunct Barotseland Agreement 1964.

Currently, the Barotse Dialogue Council Organizing Committee is mobilising its membership to immediately convene on the basis that the Zambian government is finally ready to give the people of Barotseland what they have always wanted – autonomy within the Republic of Zambia through the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

This is only a trick to aid the PF to succeed with the bad Bill 10!

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